Sunday, 24 March 2013

Like scary theatre? The Ghost Hunter is for you!

I've blogged about Theatre of the Damned before, I know - not only do I know a few of the people involved (who are lovely) but I've seen and really liked their shows. The super inventive and site specific The Horror! The Horror! was one of the best uses of the wonderful Wilton's Music Hall I've seen in ages, and their Revenge of the Grand Guignol had some proper 'jump out of your seat' moments, especially As Ye Sow, which went onto be developed into an award-winning show at Edinburgh and which, frankly, scared the fricking life out of me.

So next up is The Ghost Hunter, which premieres in the Old Red Lion Theatre in London from April 30th to May 25 and which sounds fab, and friends who saw earlier 'in the works' production say good things. The story of a man who runs a Ghost Tour in York which is about to get very, very real it sounds splendidly creepy and, if earlier productions are anything to go by, the company is fantastic at using their venues to maximise the scares. (Plus it's only an hour long: you know I love a short play - seriously, can there be happier words to a theatregoer's ears than '60 minutes, no interval?').

There's a real derth of quality horror theatre out there for those who can't afford Woman in Black prices, so I'd encourage you to check them out either in London or when they tour later in August (I'm guessing Postcard of a Painting will be first in line if they go north, as she's a major fan of the York Ghost Tours... you can read about her last trip here.)

Interested? Check out the website for details or follow @ghosthunterplay or @theatreofdamned on Twitter.

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