Sunday, 27 January 2013

Geek romance from Stella My Star

Sometimes, I really want a boyfriend. Mainly, I admit, when I've watched a Sandra Bullock movie, tried to open a jar of olives, or attempted to fix anything in my house. But sometimes it's just because being in a couple seems to exponentially increase the amount of geeky stuff you can own. I know I have blogged about Stella My Star before - not sorry, because she's a friend and I also really, really love her stuff - but she's kinda torturing me with all the cool Valentine stuff on her site right now. I love this Han and Leia locket, and the card is super cute. Never mind, for those of us currently condemned to solo adventures, the Henry Jones Jnr locket is nicely inspiring...

All images below courtesy of Stella My Star

Han and Leia locket by Stella My Star
Henry Jones Jnr by Stella My Star

Card by Stella My Star

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