Saturday, 29 December 2012

Doctor Who jewellery

Y'all probably think I'm a little obsessed with Stella My Star by now, and of course I am - especially after receiving this amazing Doctor Who necklace, The Angels have Taken the Phone Box, the other day. (Guilty confession: originally I planned this as a birthday gift for someone then decided to keep it).  I also love, though have restrained from buying, the Don't Blink charm bracelet...

(The site is having a sale until Jan 7 - 20% off all orders with the code BOXINGDAYSALE - check it out here). Photos below courtesy of the Stella My Star site.

Angels have Taken the Phonebox necklace by Stella My Star

Don't Blink charm bracelet by Stella My Star

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Santa and Batman!

I have, I'm afraid, been spectacularly disorganised this year so the likelihood of anyone getting a Christmas card before... oh, 2013... is looking slim indeed. However, if I were organised, and sending cards, I would totally buy these freaking amazing Batman/Santa cards from Stella My Star. Come on, they rock.

Cards via Stella My Star

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Merry Menage over at the Book Tart

I do love the Book Tart - she 's enormous fun and we like so many of the same things - so was delighted when she asked me to take part on her Merry Menage. No, saucy, I don't like her that much, it's a super fun blog hop. So why not pop over at read my post on why Doctor Who and the Queen make for the perfect Christmas, and try to win a prize while you're at it...

Auditions for the John Lewis ad got a bit nasty

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Vampire story FREE this weekend!

So, my Dark Dates short story A Vampire Walks into A Bar is free this weekend (from 1-3 Dec) so why not check it out? Links for US and UK sites below...


FREE! And worth every penny ; )