Monday, 26 November 2012

Meeting Nocturnal Book Reviews

One of the nicest things about this whole writing business is connecting with people, and in promoting Dark Dates I have interacted with loads of lovely bloggers. But the other week I got a chance to actually meet one, when Karina of Nocturnal Book Reviews was in London and suggested meeting for a coffee. Well, as you can see from the picture (which I have poached from her blog, and was taken by her hubbie), coffee soon turned to wine and we had a right old natter. It really was great to put a face to a name and Karina and her husband are both fascinating people - they've lived all over the world and have lots of stories to tell! - so we had a very pleasant afternoon...

Me and Karina of Nocturnal Book Reviews


  1. Aww, it was really cool, Tracey! :) Give us a shout if you are in our neck of woods too. We'll take you to dinner! *hugs*