Saturday, 29 September 2012

Halloween masques by Masque Boutique

I've blogged about Masque Boutique before, I think - the company is run by a friend of a friend - but I thought I'd revisit them as they have an absolutely lovely range in for Halloween, perfect if you want to get into the spirit of things but prefer your costumes with a little more elegance... these his 'n' hers (or, let's not judge, his 'n' his or hers 'n' hers) couples' zombie masques are nicely understated and this skull filigree masque is just a thing of absolute beauty...

Zombies masks by Masque Boutique. Image copyright of Masque Boutique

Skull by Masque Boutique. Image copyright of Masque Boutique

Friday, 28 September 2012

Dark Dates round up and sexing up the classics at Strictly

Some of my best friends are redheads - and I've been a redhead myself - so I loved the name of the Red Headed Bookworm blog before I even approached it. Obviously I like it way more now the lovely blogger gave me a nice review and hosted a guest post for me!

I was also chuffed to be invited to take part in Lorraine Beaumont's Crave event - so why not pop over to her blog and check out my post and the others taking part in the month-long event?

Sexed up Jane Eyre. I approve!
I also detail my first venture into reading fanfic (sort of) at Strictly Writing when I talk about sexing up the classics...

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Birthday stationery

It's my birthday this weekend, and I have already received some lovely presents. Of course, this includes some notebooks: another Star Wars Moleskine to add to my collection, and this lovely Christian Lacroix number from Liberty. And I must admit to being very taken with this super geeky card...

Monday, 17 September 2012

Dark Dates takes some Literary R&R

There's been a lot of talk of authors behaving badly recently, especially in relation to bad reviews, so I was happy to be offered the chance to talk at Literary R & R about why a bad review can sometimes be a good thing. Obviously I want you all to go away and write GREAT reviews for me now, though...

Friday, 7 September 2012

Dark Dates charm bracelet

Regular readers will know I love the jewellery made by my friend Stella My Star, and will also know that I made a resolution this year to support more indie crafters and artists. So I was happy to be able to combine these two facts and get Ms Star to create a bespoke charm bracelet for me, to celebrate the fact that I'm finished the first draft of the sequel to Dark Dates (OK, it's a flimsy excuse, but I really wanted a bracelet). I couldn't be more thrilled with the results: look at it! It has a wealth of references to the first book - lots of London touches, including a bus, Underground sign and taxi, but also supernatural references: there's a wolf on there (werewolves make an appearance in book 2), a Viking helmet, angel wings and even vampire teeth, plus plenty of assorted weaponry. Stella does commissions, so I'd heartily recommend you get in touch... meanwhile, I shall be jingling my wrist at all in sight...

Bespoke Dark Dates charm bracelet by Stella My Star