Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Dark Dates goes multimedia and guest post round up

So, another week, another batch of blog posts, as I am trawling the internet trying to rack up sales for my book, Dark Dates. I must admit when I started doing this, I found it quite daunting - you're basically sending a whole load of emails going 'like me! like me!' - and there's a reason I never got into sales. But it's actually turned out to be a lot of fun: most of the bloggers and reviewers I have connected with have been lovely, which shouldn't, I suppose, be surprising, since we come from the same place - a love of books and, often, a love of paranormal/urban fantasy fiction. Even those reviewers who haven't liked the book - which, obviously, I respect, as no book will be for everyone - have tended to be 'this is not my thing, maybe you'll like it' rather than 'why does this woman think she can write?!', which means a lot to this thin-skinned writer's ego.

So below I'm including a round up of guest posts, interviews and reviews - but the really exciting news for me this week is that Dark Dates now has a trailer, c/o my lovely cover designer Caroline Goldsmith. Over to Caroline on why she thought it was worth doing...

Tracey and I talk about books a lot. And recently our discussions have all been about “Dark Dates” and how best to market it. Marketing self-published books is a maze that all authors need to navigate. Having worked in the publishing industry for more than a decade, I know that there is no magic key to success when it comes to book promotion. What I do know is that the more ways there are to find out about a book, the more chance there is of someone picking up on it.

As the first book has garnered a haul of good reviews, and part two in the series is due for publication later this year, I thought now was the ideal time to launch a book trailer. The London landscapes in the video are all made from photographs I took from the top of my old building on the river.
You can watch the trailer here, and read Caroline’s post about it here (which also includes details of how to contact her if you think she can help you!)

The rest of the week in round up:
Why do we love a bad boy? Over at My Tower of Books

Author Q&A over at Open Book Society

What you need to think about when writing urban fantasy (and review) over at LovLivLifeReviews

Review over at Natasja’s Book Blog

Why vampires aren’t stupid – and neither are their fans – over at When Pen Met Paper.

And of course you can buy the book that started this all… here!

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