Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Dark Dates round-up and taming the trolls at Fanboy

So, been a busy week on the writing front, and my PR campaign for Dark Dates continues apace. I was delighted when old chum Stella My Star did a lovely Dark Dates themed post, pulling together vampire / London themed items from around Etsy and Folksy - you can read it here.

On the review side, I got 5 out of 5 from Miranda Stork (I think I mentioned this already...) You can read it here.

Over at Fangirl, I was continuing my campaign against internet bullying with a piece on trolling and woman-hating online - Time to Tame the Trolls?

But on a happier note, I also posted on Strictly Writing about my well-documented love of notebooks...

This is only about half of what I own. Oops.

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