Monday, 21 November 2011

Mysterious masks from Masque Boutique

As regular readers know, I am trying to feature more UK stuff on this site, mainly because I get nagged otherwise, and also because I can't *just* write about Think Geek, even if I wanted to. So I am more than happy to plug this site, Masque Boutique - recommended by a friend, as she knows the creator - which stocks these lovely masks. (Masques? I can never be sure...)

It stocks a whole range of masks (let's go with that) at a range of prices, though my favourites (unsurprisingly) are the fetish masks (there's a lot of nicely steampunk ones) and these gorgeous 'Gossip Girls' filigree masks. You might also want to check out the range of mini top hats and fascinators, and they do bespoke orders...

Gossip girl mask by

Love this - very Matrix. Mask by

Now I just need to get an invite to a party...

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