Monday, 21 November 2011

Dracula: Sex, Sucking and Stardom

While the press last week might have been steamrollered under the Breaking Dawn hype machine, I was off to see a less prestigious - but, I'll wager, a much more fun vampire production, the musical Dracula: Sex, Sucking and Stardom, at the Hen & Chickens theatre (well, the room above the Hen & Chickens pub) in Islington.

As the title probably implies, this wasn't a a po-faced vampire swoonfest, more a delightfully silly romp through a bastardised - very bastardised - version of the Stoker classic. At just over an hour long it was fairly slight (though that's not necessarily a bad thing) and many of the jokes were cheesy, but the performers were enormously likeable, the good humour catching and the physical comedy well exexcuted - so if you just fancy an uncomplicated comedy with some laugh out loud moments, why not give this a go?

More fun than R-Patz

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