Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Comic Book Sounds Bracelet

Yup, still on the Brit crafts theme, with this 'comic book sounds' bracelet by Cosmic Eden, who has a great range of geeky goodies on the site. Though I am slightly sad to see that this is a very DC bracelet - where's SNIKT or BAMF?

Comic book sounds bracelet by Cosmic Eden

Monday, 21 November 2011

Dracula: Sex, Sucking and Stardom

While the press last week might have been steamrollered under the Breaking Dawn hype machine, I was off to see a less prestigious - but, I'll wager, a much more fun vampire production, the musical Dracula: Sex, Sucking and Stardom, at the Hen & Chickens theatre (well, the room above the Hen & Chickens pub) in Islington.

As the title probably implies, this wasn't a a po-faced vampire swoonfest, more a delightfully silly romp through a bastardised - very bastardised - version of the Stoker classic. At just over an hour long it was fairly slight (though that's not necessarily a bad thing) and many of the jokes were cheesy, but the performers were enormously likeable, the good humour catching and the physical comedy well exexcuted - so if you just fancy an uncomplicated comedy with some laugh out loud moments, why not give this a go?

More fun than R-Patz

Mysterious masks from Masque Boutique

As regular readers know, I am trying to feature more UK stuff on this site, mainly because I get nagged otherwise, and also because I can't *just* write about Think Geek, even if I wanted to. So I am more than happy to plug this site, Masque Boutique - recommended by a friend, as she knows the creator - which stocks these lovely masks. (Masques? I can never be sure...)

It stocks a whole range of masks (let's go with that) at a range of prices, though my favourites (unsurprisingly) are the fetish masks (there's a lot of nicely steampunk ones) and these gorgeous 'Gossip Girls' filigree masks. You might also want to check out the range of mini top hats and fascinators, and they do bespoke orders...

Gossip girl mask by Masqueboutique.com

Love this - very Matrix. Mask by masqueboutique.com

Now I just need to get an invite to a party...