Saturday, 15 October 2011

Way Station, Brooklyn

One of the things I was desperate to do this trip to NYC was to go to The Way Station bar in Brooklyn - because it's a Doctor Who bar! Well, to be honest, a bar with a sci-fi and Doctor Who theme, but that is good enough for me. And I wasn't disappointed...

In fact, it's fairly impossible to be disappointed when the first thing you see on entering is a TARDIS. The staff were remarkably good natured about the fact we all had to get our pictures taken with this before we even ordered a drink (clearly, that's why a lot of people come here). We had hot happy hour so bought ourselves some very reasonably priced - and amazingly strong - cocktails. Saucily I was tempted to drink a Captain Jack, but I settled for a Dark and Stormy Night, followed by a blow-your-socks-off Pan Galatic Gargle Buster (yes, there was a Douglas Adams theme as well: clearly Brit scifi works here). Slightly bizarrely, when we went to sit in a booth at the back of the bar the staff didn't turn any lights on for a good half hour - so we sat in the dark with our drinks, enjoying the decor and the ambiance, if not the visibility.

Who needs lights when the drinks are this bright?

The TARDIS is actually the bathroom: I'd hate to be here on a busy night, because each of us spent an age in there photographing the beautiful Doctor Who murals. That kind of thing will cause a queue. (I texted my Doctor Who loving friend Tom the next day to tell him I had peed in the TARDIS, only to received a terse text back that I had now ruined his childhood. But honestly, you would, wouldn't you? We all did, anyway....)

The Way Station is actually in a nice bit of Brooklyn - we only had a short walk to a street of nice bars and restaurants - so I'd heartily recommend it to any Who fans in town. (Or fans of cheap, strong cocktails, for that matter...)

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