Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Halloween Jewellery from Little Fairy Cult

I've mentioned Little Fairy Cult before, because she is a very nice lady who makes Supernatural inspired jewellery, but I couldn't resist posting about her super cute Halloween themed pieces. These adorable ghosts are part of a range that features bats, pumpkin and Frankenstein heads - and at less than a fiver a piece, would be a fun finishing touch to a Halloween outfit for adults or kids. If you'd like something more sophisicatedy spooky though, check out this rather wonderful engraved zombie necklace - at first glance it looks fabuloulsy vintage, but once people get close enough to check out the image...

Cute ghosts from Little Fairy Cult

Zombie necklace by Little Fairy Cult


  1. This Jewelry designer is awesome!
    I love her work, love the passion that she puts into her work and love her on a personal level!
    You should stop by and pick up that perfect gift for Christmas for that someone special in your life....you'll be happy that you did :)
    Em x