Saturday, 19 March 2011

Supernatural jewellery from Little Fairy Cult

Not content with pointing me in the direction of great TV, my TV Twin is now introducing me to people on Twitter. I could get used to this, actually, a sort of concierge service for life where people tell you what you should be watching, who you should be talking to. If only someone would come round to my house and tell me what to wear in the mornings, I'd be sorted. Anyway, I owe TV Twin thanks for introducing me to @LittleFairyCult, a seller of super cute jewellery and, gawd bless her, a Supernatural fan.

Not all of her jewellery is geek-inspired - there are the usual range of sparklies online - but I was particularly impressed by this Devil's trap pendant or, should you not wish to pin demons to your cleavage* (isn't that how it works? No?), you can go the other way and have your own SamnDean protection pendant. Not quite as sexy as the tattoo, but a lot less painful.
I'm slightly scared of the voodoo dolls bracelets, but I am assured they are for good karma only...
Anyway, the prices are very reasonable so why not check 'em out?

*This is where I make inappropriate remarks about Mark Sheppard... mmm, Crowley.